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What We Do


We offer the widest range of cameras from DSLRs, Professional Camcorders to 4k cameras on hire for a range of shooting needs. We’re the one-stop-shop for brands such as Canon, Sony and Nikon.


With one of the largest range of Canon EF mount lenses on rent we are the leading equipment rental company for cinematographers and photographers. We offer some of the most in-demand lenses.


We ensure that you capture the sharpest sound with a wholesome range of mics and recorders. Our audio equipment is sought after within the industry since years.

Rigs and Accessories

Ranging from sliders, track trolleys, recorders, monitors to ronin on rent for DSLRs and Red, we offer a wide variety of rigs and accessories to enhance your shooting experience.


Our in-house equipment includes popular video lights on hire such as softies, babies, LEDs and studio lighting equipment such as Elinchromes, octaboxes and flashes.

Live streaming

Our drive to be a part of creating exciting new content knows no bounds. We cater to Live broadcasting of your interviews, speeches, weddings, new launches, talkshows and lots more.

About Us

Founded with a vision to cater to the growing needs of the media industry in India, Paxton Equipments is a leading one stop camera equipment rental company based in Mumbai.We primarily supply quality equipments to Corporate film makers, Documentary producers, ad film makers, indie film makers, wedding film makers, etc.Our USP is our ability to provide the latest equipment to serve our clients better.

Our wide range of equipments coupled with our ability to provide technical solutions makes us the most sought-after solution provider.

Committed to quality in everything we do, we offer the broadest range of Cameras, Lens, Audio, Rigs and Lights for rentals from many of the world’s most recognised manufacturers.

Our Clientele

We are the preferred equipment partner for production house, corporate film makers, documentaries producers, wedding film makers, ad film makers, etc

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